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Our Sunday School classes begin at 10am.

For our Preschool Sunday School class we use LifeWay’s Bible Studies for Life: Kids curriculum for the 3s to Kindergarten. 


Bible Studies For Life: Kids

Bible Studies For Life: Kids provides a balanced approach to Bible concepts and foundational Bible stories. We know that young children learn differently than older children, and that each child is an individual with unique needs and learning styles. That’s why Bible Studies For Life: Kids brings you effective, age-specific teaching solutions for babies through kindergarten.

Foundation in Faith

Bible study focused on each age group’s level of biblical learning means you can lead with confidence, knowing the session will be age appropriate. Bible Studies For Life: Kids supports foundational Bible stories all preschoolers should learn.
Young children age 3 to Pre-K require a balance of active and quiet activities. You’ll find Bible stories that keep their attention, learning activities based on art; blocks; books, puzzles, home-living; dramatic play; and nature and science allow children to choose activities at their own pace.

Each Session Includes:

  • Life Point: main point of the session
  • Life Verse: two verses per unit
  • Christ Focus: connect the session to Jesus
  • Life Action: apply it to life
  • Engaging activities
  • Videos (in player) and Songs
  • Realistic teaching pictures
information taken from the LifeWay website