Our Sunday School classes begin at 10am.

Our Sunday School curriculum is Lifeway’s Bible Studies for Life: Kids

Bible Studies for Life: Kids uses creative teaching, stories, and hands-on learning. Each session focuses on one main point and one Scripture with content that is conceptually aligned across age groups. Although the content is aligned with adults and students, it can be used as a stand alone study just for kids. The Levels of Biblical Learning guides the content so each session is age appropriate.

Each Session Includes:

  • Life Point: main point of the session
  • Life Verse: two verses per unit
  • Christ Focus: connect the session to Jesus
  • Life Action: apply it to life
  • Engaging activities
Sunshine Kids
Meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-730, this includes ages 2-6th grade. The curriculum is written by one of our church members. She does a fantastic job of bringing the bible to a level the kids understand and gives them ways they can apply the lessons to their own lives without compromising the integrity of the Bible. 
Information taken from the Lifeway website